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Spring / summer 2024

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Established in 1985 Alex Carol is approaching it’s 40-year anniversary. We are a second-generation family-owned business. A 40-year story is a long one! To make the story short. Our story is our customer’s story. It is what drives us every day. In 1985 Alex Carol started with an idea and an entrepreneurial spirit. The passion, creativity and the love  of fashion set our path. Our beginnings where modest and the journey to find our niche seemed never-ending. Our home landed in the wholesale & import segmentation. 40 years later this is still our home. We are a Business to Business driven company. What does B to B mean for our customers? It means we will not compete with them for sales! Our brand is boutique and gift industry specific. We sell only to qualified buyers. Our focus is steady on creating, seeking and driving trends. This translates to sell- ability of our line. Season after season, Success is our family of customers success. We are humbly known to them “as the line that sells.”

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        The passion, creativity and the love of fashion